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We Are A House Of Prayer

Jesus declares in Mark 11:17, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Launch Houston has a healthy community of believers that gather with the purpose of fostering a dwelling and meeting place with God to receive the plans, purposes and strategies needed to fulfill the church’s mandate on earth through prayer.

We Believe

  • Prayer is a lifestyle that should define worship services, business meetings, family and social gatherings of all kinds.
  • Prayer is a dependent lifestyle of communion with God.
  • God inhabits a house of prayer.
  • You are a house of prayer.
  • We are a house of prayer.

As God’s presence spills out of these houses and meetings into the community, we see His power transforming individuals, families, businesses, cities, nations and the world.

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We have many prayer groups meeting at different times throughout the week. The purpose and strategy of each prayer group is directly associated with the call or mandate of that specific group.

Each prayer gathering follows these general understandings:

  • Personal prayer is the way God intends to communicate with us. We listen, ask, petition, and then release or exercise what the Holy Spirit reveals from God concerning our lives, situations and circumstances.
  • Corporate prayer is a group dialogue with God, rooted in scriptures, empowered by the Holy Spirit, revealing God’s heart and desires for His church.
  • All prayer originates with God and is all about God—the worship of God, the plans of God, the heart of God and the love of God.
  • God is the one who reveals the topic/s, sometimes outlined ahead of time through a group leader.
  • The Holy Spirit orchestrates and empowers the flow of prayer that aligns itself with the intercessions of Jesus.
  • We all have a role but understand it all begins and ends with God.

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