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Apostolic worship causes prison walls to be shaken and every chain to be broken. When Paul and Silas were imprisoned (Acts 16:22-35), they worshipped with apostolic authority. The sound they released changed the circumstances around them in real-time with an earthquake that shook the foundations of the prison resulting in freedom for everyone and the salvation of the prison guards. This type of worship expression carries the DNA of apostolic government and makes a way for those who actively participate to enforce the presence of the Kingdom of Heaven, mobilizing and activating the church/ekklesia to take ground in the region the Lord has called them to.

The Lord is restoring apostolic worship back to the church in the same way He restored priestly and prophetic worship. The church’s rich history of corporate worship documents styles of call and response, chants, hymns and spirituals; this type of corporate worship was used to teach and spread biblical concepts through songs and repetition to a culture at the time where most did not read or write.

The charismatic movement made a way for contemporary worship which brought a pastoral function to corporate worship gatherings that helped the body of Christ directly relate to the biblical character and nature of Father God.

House of Prayer movements then re-established the foundation of worship from us to God, with priestly worship, which is basically the church singing 'to' the Father. Priestly worship is the foundation and vehicle for prophetic worship, a function of echoing heaven's revelations that carry the voice and or desires of God the Father. Prophetic worship empowers the church to corporately sing songs 'from' the Father in the form of scripture, revelations from scripture and other biblically confirmed or associated ideas from the heart of God to the church/ekklesia.

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